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Facts you should know about Parramatta

The historical City of Parramatta located on the Parramatta River has been instrumental in bringing people together for thousands of years. The river was home to the ‘Burramatta Clan’ whose name translates to “the place where eels lie down”. Modern Parramatta is a thriving CBD, accessible by bus, train and Ferry. We have a wealth of dining options for even the most fussy of eaters. The reason people are drawn to Parramatta is our precious waterway – The Parramatta River. The biggest threat to the River is pollution. The catchment area has 13km of open channels and 65km of natural creeks. Did you realise that storm water is not treated like sewage, what you drop in the gutter becomes pollution? Debris like leaves, grass clippings, litter and pollutants such as chemical and sewer spillages are destined for Parramatta River and eventually Sydney Harbour. So how can you help to keep the Parramatta River alive? Don’t wash garden waste into the gutter. Call Plumber Parramatta to check your gutters checked for obstructions like leaves and debris and clean them out regularly. If you suspect problems with your sewer call a Plumber Parramatta immediately to investigate blockages or leaks.
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Plumber Parramatta Blocked Drain

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Plumber Parramatta Hot Water

Hot Water

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Plumber Parramatta Emergency Plumbing

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Plumber Parramatta Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

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Plumber Parramatta offers a large range of services helping you to save money and keeping a clean and healthy environment for the city.

Dripping or out-dated tapware repaired or replaced
Variety of gas services, installation and repair of gas lines to LPG BBQ conversions
Hot Water Tanks repaired, replaced or up-graded
Installation and servicing of rain water collection tanks
Damaged or running toilets repaired or replaced
Leaking water pipes traced, repaired and replaced
Sewer Line cleaning, relining, repair or re-runs

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Plumber Parramatta Some Stories

Jenna walked slowly to the other end of the house, filled with dread. The back shower had no hot water. She wanted to test the kitchen and the front bathroom too, before she jumped to any conclusions. But sure enough, the hot taps there ran cold. She’d broken her leg only a week ago and had been dying for a hot shower after dragging herself around on those damned crutches. And now she had to wait, probably another three weeks while whatever Plumber she organised ordered in and forgot about her new hot water system.

Sighing, she got online and decided to find someone local to her, maybe that way they might remember to look after her. She found a website promising a local Parramatta Plumber, so she called. Jenna was assured someone would get there today. She sat in the front room and watched TV while she waited. About half an hour from her appointment time her phone rang. The Plumber told her he’d be there shortly and hoped he didn’t mind if he was a little early. Still not quite believing it, Jenna was surprised when he knocked on her door 15 minutes later.

She showed him to the hot water tank outside and sat down while he had a look to see what the issue was. Unfortunately age had gotten the best of it and the tank was dead. They ran through options. Jenna was happy with the size and brand of her current tank, so he gave her his pricing. He then called the suppliers before informing her he could install it today if she wished. The suppliers just a suburb over had the tank she wanted, so he’d have to duck out and pick it up, but would come right back and get her hot water system up and running again. So there wouldn’t be an agonising wait? Happy with the price and amazed at the efficiency and speed, Jenna agreed on the spot.

The tank was installed and he even got rid of the old one for her! He made sure it was heating and handed her his business card if anything else were to happen with her plumbing.

Is your hot water system having problems? Or do you have a pesky running toilet or dribbling tap? Call your local Parramatta Plumber today on 0402 290 290!