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Blocked Drain Specialists

Looking for plumbing professionals specialising in drain cleaning? At Plumber Parramatta, we provide low-cost drain clearing services with premium quality. Our blocked drain specialists are highly skilled to handle all kinds of blocked drains using the latest drain clearing technologies.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

  • Tree roots can head towards your drains in search of water sources leading to blockage
  • Oils and grease can solidify on the interior walls of drain pipes creating obstructions
  • Non-degradable toiletries such as wet wipes and tampons can accumulate in certain areas of the sewer line giving rise to clogs
  • Debris such as silt and building materials can build up causing blockages

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Clearing your Blocked Drain

Some of the drain clearing equipment and supplies used by the Blocked Drain Specialists include:

  • RootX, a root intrusion solution
  • High strength acid
  • Bio-Clean, an environmentally friendly drain cleaning agent
  • Electric Eel drain clearing equipment
  • Hydro-jet cleaning system

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A blocked drain in Parramatta

With her husband’s family, her sister and her family, and Karen’s own brood, the house was a little full. This was normal for Christmas time, when everyone converged on the rather small Parramatta house. Karen headed to the bathroom, for a few moments of alone time. She did her business and savoured the peace and quiet before flushing the toilet and preparing herself to deal with the seven yelling children in the backyard. She was about to walk out the door when she paused and looked back at the toilet bowl. She turned properly and flushed the toilet again. The water rose up high in the bowl, and then stayed there for a few moments before slowly filtering away. That wasn’t a good sign.

The Parramatta Plumber arrived in the middle of lunch. Fortunately it was a fine summery day, so the children were all still outside. Karen directed the Plumber to the blocked toilet. She explained the issue as they went. Karen had found out, after booking the plumber, that some of the in-laws and her own relatives had already noticed it but thought she’d known about it. Like Karen had a spare second at the moment to notice much of anything! The Plumber attempted plunging the toilet clear, but when nothing gave he explained that he needed to check further down the line. They headed outside and the Plumber sifted through the garden bed to uncover the inspection opening under a pile of leaves and mulch. He opened the cover and set up his high pressure water jetter as Karen moved the kids away from him. The Plumber ran the jetter down the line from the inspection opening and his two blockages. As he pulled the jetter back he found why the drain had blocked. Sanitary napkins and baby wipes had clogged the toilet after getting caught on a small growth of tree roots in the sewer. Karen was incredibly unimpressed with her guests upon this revelation, as she knew she wasn’t the one flushing these items down her toilet. The Neighbourhood Plumber successfully cleared the blocked drain and tested the main toilet to ensure it flushed properly. With everything okay, he tidied up his worksite and packed up his tools.

Do you have a blocked drain? Whether it’s a toilet or a downpipe, sewer or storm water, your local Parramatta Plumber can help! Call your Neighbourhood Plumber today on 0488 886 305!

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