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A 3-Step Guide for Repairing a Blocked Toilet

Times when someone in the household gets overzealous in using the toilet paper or hygiene products mistakenly made their way into the toilet is never a far cry from reality. In fact, toilet blockages are recurrent and frequent problems in a toilet in every home. This issue is so common and easily acquired that most professional plumbers claim that they can make a decent living just by fixing or unclogging blocked drains alone.

During crises like this, the default tool used as a solution is a toilet plunger. Usually, every home has one. but for the sake of making you prepared under different distressful situations, let us say that you just moved in to a new place, you are yet to settle in, you haven’t unpacked yet and your toilet plunger is somewhere inside your gazillion moving boxes.  You are too tired to make a quick run to the local hardware store or your property is just too far from one. In short, there is no way to acquire one.

Here is a simple 3-step method that will not require a plunger and only needs minimal effort to be executed:

Step 1:

If the toilet is slowly draining it contents, wait for it completely drain and reach the normal water level. After it has, pour a generous amount of liquid soap or shampoo into the bowl. The soap that you will use does not necessarily have to be the strongest there is. The one you use for your laundry and other chores is good enough. If you run out of detergent soap, you can use your dish washing liquid. The same way, pour a heaping amount into the syphon. This softens the blockage stuck at the bottom of the bowl. Leave the soap for a few minutes to seep into the blockage. As you wait, boil a pot of water.

Step 2:

After the short down time, take the pot of water out of the fire and let it cool for a few minutes so that when you pour it down the toilet, it is not boiling hot. Now, it is time to remove the blockage. Proceed to pour the hot water into the bowl. As you pour down, do it by gradually raising the pot. This will add force to the fall of the water creating pressure that will help push the blockage further down.

Step 3:

Be patient in waiting for the result of your labour. The result might not show immediately and in other times, you might have to repeat the method as many times as need. Wait and see for the result. But if you are that in a hurry to clear the toilet, you can fashion a fishing tool from an old hanger. Bend the wire at one tip to serve as the hooking mechanism. If you do not want to pull the wastes out since you are sure that there will be more than toilet paper in there, you can also utilise the wire to pull the blockage further down pipe. Eventually, the blockage will loosen making it easier for the water to carry it down to the sewer line.