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4 Easy Ways you can prolong the life of your Garbage Disposal

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In the kitchen sink, it’s quite normal to have a lot of foods that get stuck in the drains. Running water into it may help in flushing down the food residue into the pipes, but it has the tendency to become a clog later on. Garbage disposal helps lower the occurrence of clog drains as the machine blades are capable of slicing food scraps into smaller pieces. These tiny remnants of the food chunks can easily flow into the drain and lessen the chance of the drain from clogging. It’s important that you will be able to know some tips on upkeep for your garbage disposal to prolong its lifespan.


  1. Avoid draining down all types of food into the drain

Garbage disposals are clearly designed for minimising the size of foods that move through the drain ―— but unfortunately, it’s not suitable to drain down all food leftovers. Some people wonder on what’s the point of having a garbage disposal if it won’t be able to reduce food wastes that goes inside the drain. Well, the thing is that some foods can easily get stuck on the components of the unit. For example: pasta, noodles, and even vegetable strips won’t be easily cut and has the tendency to wrap on the blades and stop it from functioning. Another example would be rice and other small fibrous food that get stuck on some parts of the garbage disposal. Obviously bones and large food leftovers shouldn’t be flushed into the drain. It may be limiting to filter out foods that are suitable for a garbage disposal but it will certainly help in prolonging its lifespan and avoid clogs at the same time.


  1. Always have a deep flush

This is an easy way you can do maintenance for your disposal unit. All you need to do is just keep running water for 1-2 minutes after using your garbage disposal or after it has successfully grinded and flushed down all the food wastes. With this method, it will help ensure that no food scraps are left on the drains and machine. It’s also a good idea to add some dish soap as it acts as a lubricant for the disposal unit.


  1. Use cold water as much as possible

It’s always a staple to use hot water for drain maintenance, but this is only good for drains that don’t have a disposal unit. If a garbage disposal is constantly exposed to hot water, it will cause heating to the components and may shorten its lifespan. Aside from that, the hot water will cause some food oils and grease to melt and stick on the parts of the machine. By using cold water, some sticky condiments can freeze and harden ―— making it easier for the blades of your disposal unit to slice and dice it.


  1. Add some citrus

This doesn’t really help in prolonging the life of your garbage disposal, but it can definitely help in removing rotten food smells on the drains and garbage disposal. Citrus also leaves a more soothing and fresh scent. Just let your garbage disposal grind some small citrus slices for this to work.