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5 Major Reasons Not to Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

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While you might think of chemical substances as an easy fix to your clogged drains, they can actually be the culprit in making it worse. Certainly, grabbing these chemical drain cleaners is convenient, but only minimal because they fail to permanently fix the damaged drain and may even further the damage. There are actually a lot of reasons why these chemicals are not ideal for your home.

Risk Posed by Drain Chemical Cleaners

Obviously, chemical-based drain cleaners are unsafe to children living in the house. Storing or using these substances in your home is discouraged to every homeowner as young children may reach them and accidentally place inside their mouth or rub on their eyes. Children do not have any idea on what these chemicals are and how harmful they can be, leading their curiosity to greater danger. The chemicals should be carefully handled by adults with the proper protective gear and other equipment.

Hidden Costs

Using chemical drain cleaners actually has a hidden cost, although it is not apparent. Repeated use of these substances may result in greater destruction to the drain pipes. Initial use of the chemicals may be simple and easy as well as cost-effective; it will eventually lead to more damage over time. This would only suggests that you will just end up spend more money. Take note that the chemical content of these cleaners are harmful enough to cause extensive harm and damage to your pipes. Avoid all these so that you will keep yourself from the hidden cost of the chemicals.

Environment-Related Issues

When you choose to use chemical drain cleaners, take into account their adverse effects on the environment. These cleaners are found to be caustic and not eco-friendly. This only means that they are not easily broken down and suggests using them in cleaning your drains is not a viable choice for you as well as for the environment. Make sure that you will not pour them into your drain because they may only find their way into the ground water. They can also leech into the shrubbery, grass, damaging trees and dirt.

Health Problems When in Contact With Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical cleaners can irritate your skin and can cause chemical burns when you have direct contact with them. They can cause eye irritation and damage when you inhale toxic fumes produced by chemical reactions. They can irritate or damage your eyes from the unexpected drain pipe eruption or splashing.

Negative Impact to Fixtures and Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners can lead to costly damage to your bath and kitchen fixtures and drain pipes. They are hazardous substances to your pipes because they are reactive. They have the capability to kill good bacteria if you are using septic system to keep its proper functioning.

It is always smart idea to hire a plumber to evaluate the issue in your pipeline system since they are equipped with the right tools in fixing the plumbing problem at their disposal.