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5 Reasons why Chemical Drain Cleaners cause more harm than good

plumber parramatta 5 Reasons why Chemical Drain Cleaners cause more harm than good Homeowners can be desperate to solve their drain problems so they use any kind of method. A popular solution for cleaning and clearing drains is chemical cleaners. This method is easy; all you have to do is pour the solution into the drains. The clog can be cleared after waiting for the chemicals to work its magic. There are actually problems that can be caused by this method. Here are reasons why chemical drain cleaners cause more harm than good:

1. Frequent exposure can lead to health problems

It’s no surprise that this cleaning product can deteriorate your health. The compounds that are present in these cleaners are toxic. You don’t need to have direct contact with the chemicals to be harmed from it. The toxic vapours can cause problems to your respiratory tract if inhaled. Minor issues include skin irritation, coughing, eye irritation, etc. The chemicals won’t take effect immediately since it will depend from person-to-person. Some people may be more prone due to allergies. It’s much worse for those who have sensitive health.

2. It can cause your septic system to become dysfunctional

A lot of people think that bacteria is harmful and should be eliminated. Septic systems actually need natural bacteria to process the wastes. The harsh chemical agents can kill a majority of the much need bacteria. Some of you may be wondering how the chemicals can go through the septic system. Just remember that anything that you drain goes into your septic tank. The bacteria may not be completely killed off with a few chemicals pours, but it still can reduce their population. Your septic system won’t have any bacteria left if you continue using these chemicals.

3. Your pipes will corrode over time

If you think that you won’t have any trouble if you don’t have a septic system then you’re mistaken. It’s not just the septic system that can be damage but your drain pipes as well. Again, the strong compounds can damage anything in its path. Pipes that are exposed to these cleaning agents will become corroded. The effects will take time before a major damage becomes noticeable. The pipe materials also play a role on how long it will take to become corroded. Strong and ductile pipes can still be corroded if exposed from these chemical cleaners.

4. Possibility of contaminating the water supply

There are households that have the water supply pipes and drain pipes near each other. In the event that there is a breakage with the drain pipes then it might go into the water supply line. There is a high chance that the chemicals from the cleaning product will go into the water supply if ever a leak happens.

5. It’s not effective against heavy clogs

Chemical drain cleaners are actually not effective against heavy clogs. You’ll be just adding the chemicals into the clog if you pour in a densely blocked drain line. A better solution would be to use plumbing tools like plungers and augers. Homemade drain cleaners are also more useful and safe than the chemical variants.