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7 Various Kinds of Rodding Heads

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Though there are much more effective ways in unclogging our drains and sewer line, rodders can still be a big help when this would be your last resort. This tool can remove debris and unclog your pipes due to tree roots, grease and dirt that was stuck due to improper disposal of wastes. The rodding equipment uses various rods which can be used cutting different objects. Here are the following:

  • C or Knife cutters

This is utilised to cut the cause of obstruction such as fat and grease. Its head is designed with two curved like a propeller that makes it look like letter “C”. When used, it rotates and cut the aforementioned that is sticking on the pipe wall. It takes out mineral, sediment and minerals suspended in water so that flowing water will carry and sweep them away.

  • Spade or spear cutter

This type of cutter is suitable for clearing and cutting dense and hard obstructions within the pipe such as limescale, mineral and residue caused by using hard water. Similar to the first type, it can also remove FOG substances, on the other hand, it isn’t effective as the knife cutter.

  • Drop head auger

Drop head auger’s end part appear similar to a spring ball that rotates freely around the pipe taking out debris and things within. When you drop it down a sewer line, the tool’s head will point and rotate to any direction. This is pretty useful when your sewer line have many joints that changes the direction of the path. Its effectiveness can be seen when you drop the tool since it will help you obtain the direction where you want your drop head auger to travel.

  • Spiral cutter

This is known for removing debris that obstructs the flow of water and other particles in your pipe. Its cutters are known due to its sharpness that could cut leaves and cloth. With the being said, this is perfect for getting rid of the roots that penetrated and is causing some serious problems with your pipe system. The cutter will cut the roots and then the water will start passing through.

  • Funnel auger

When you opt to traditional rodders when its comes to solving pipe clogging and maintenance issues, after the procedure, expect that there are still debris left within. This is where the funnel auger comes in. The tool is utilised to break and cut evenly these left particles to have a well- functioning sewer line.

  • Saw tooth cutter

This kind of tool is similar to the spiral cutter, however, when it comes to its weight, saw tooth cutter is a bit heavier. Its cutter is gradually lessens towards the back so that it could pulled backwards through the initiating root much and the tree roots itself.

  • Cork screw auger

Similar to the funnel auger, its purpose is to take out and wash away the dirt and debris that obstructs and create clog problems. What makes this tool unique is that it can pull the cause of obstruction so that the manipulator could see what it is.