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Blocked Toilets: Its Causes and Possible Solutions

You have probably experienced it and there is no denying that having clogged toilets is one of the most disgusting conditions you could experience. The inconvenience of facing this kind of problem is truly upsetting and most of all, unpleasant.
Now, you may think that fixing clogged toilets is easy but this is not the case most of the time. What really happens is that this will require a great amount of courage and expertise. Some people may find it off to handle something like human waste because it is unsanitary. The most that people do is to let experts handle it so they call their trusted plumbers.
Signs of a Blocked Toilet

There are different signs that you need to look into to confirm if your toilet is blocked. Here are the most common ones:

  • The water in your toilet will take a long time to go down. This is clearly a manifestation that your toilet is clogged as something is blocking the water from going down.
  • You would notice a slow gurgling sound when flushing the toilet. This usually happens as the water is gradually going down.
  • The water would not go down anymore and there is an overflow. The problem has become more serious as this indicates that there is a bad clog and needs the immediate action of an expert.

Common Causes of a Blocked ToiletThere are several things that contribute to having a clogged toilet. Here are some of the things that contribute to such a problem:

Toilet Paper.The most common material that contributes to toilet clogging is toilet paper. When there is too much of this material being dumped off then it would be impossible for it to be flushed in just a single flushing. When this happens, a build-up of the material could cause the blockage.

Kids.Children are naturally curious and they do not mind whatever the consequences of this curiosity. When they throw different items into the bowl, expect that there would be blockage. Often, you would discover too late that their toy, food and other stuff are already in your pipes.

Menstrual pads, sanitary napkins and tampons.These are some of the things that often mislead consumers. These may come with a “flushable” label thus users would often just mindlessly flush them. The thing though is that these would still end up building up and causing blockage.

Other materials.There are some things like hair, cotton, diaper and oil that could cause blockage in the system. Many of these materials just accumulate over time therefore making the clogging gradual.

How to resolve this problem?There are several ways to resolve the problem. If the toilet clogging is still manageable or caused by a single material, a plunger could be the household’s saving grace. With this simple tool, you can resolve the problem even without professional help.
If things get worse though, it is still best to call plumbing experts. These people have more sophisticated tools that can get rid of the clog in less time and with less effort. They can also avoid damages to the pipes and other appliances in the toilet.