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How to Care for Your Garbage Disposal

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Those who have a garbage disposal know the convenience this equipment brings. A disposal unit makes it easier to manage food wastes and avoid clogs. If you don’t have this device yet then we highly recommended to purchase one. Trust us; it will make your kitchen sink more manageable and clean. A garbage disposal needs to be well-maintained to remain functional. Upkeep will also prevent the unit from being jammed or destroyed. Follow these tips in taking care of your garbage disposal.
Use cold water to wash

You would normally read advice in kitchen maintenance to run hot water into the drains. This advice is indeed true but it’s only useful for kitchen sinks that don’t have a disposal unit. Using hot water will liquefy oils and grease. These melted materials can stick into the components of the garbage disposal. Oils and grease that stick onto the disposal will jam the device. Furthermore, pouring boiling water can damage the unit so it’s best to avoid this. Cold water can harden grease and oils faster. The frozen materials will then sliced and diced by the blades.
Never throw large objects into the disposal

It’s a common habit for some people to dispose large items into the garbage disposal. Huge bones and leftovers are usually thrown into the device. The blades of the unit will have trouble grinding these objects. These large food wastes can even jam and damage the blades. Cut the large portions of wastes into small pieces before throwing them. This will lessen the work of the blades and prevent it from being destroyed. Just remember that your garbage disposal has its own limits.
Remove odours coming from the garbage disposal

A garbage disposal is bound to stink due to a number of food wastes it has to grind. The odour is mostly coming from grinded food that somewhat stuck in the drain lining. A lot of people often use chemical-based cleaners when clearing the drains. You must stop or avoid using these products since it can harm your health. The drain pipes and disposal unit can also get damaged from the corrosive chemicals. You can just use a safer and better homemade mixture. Just mix a cup of baking soda and vinegar. Immediately pour the mixture after it starts to fizzle. This solution can take care of most minor clogs. Of course, it can also get rid of the garbage disposals odour. You can also pour lemon extract after pouring the baking soda and vinegar mixture.
Keep the water running

You should keep the water running even after the garbage disposal is already turned off. The continuous flow of water will remove food residue that get stuck in the unit and drain lining. Keep in mind that you should be using cold water instead of hot water as mentioned earlier.
Call plumbing professionals if you encounter drain and garbage disposal problems you can’t solve. This will avoid unnecessary damage to the disposal and keep you from being injured.