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Quick Fixes For Blocked Drains Emergencies

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The worse thing that could happen during your weekend party is having blocked drains. That is downright embarrassing, especially if you are the host. If you are always on-the-go for parties and the likes, you have to be equipped in dealing with situations you never thought could happen. Have you noticed in the movies when the protagonist does something out-of-character for the first time and he’ll say, “What could happen?” That, right there, is the scariest part because typically, that is when bad things happen. Having blocked drains on a party night is something as scary as that. That is why you have to prepare countermeasures if ever such things should occur.

Below are some quick fixes for some common blocked drains emergencies.

Emergency #1: Dripping Taps

A leaky tap can ruin your party night or even if it is just Thanksgiving. Leaks happen at any given time but it can be annoying if you are still preparing your meals. The constant trickle of water combined with food scraps from your food preparation can block your sinks. If you have already distinguished where the leak is coming from (whether it’s from the tap or the tap handle), the next thing you should do is to turn off the main water supply. You should do this before you can proceed to the fixing part as to avoid the water from spraying and spilling all over your kitchen floors. If the tap is the source of the leak, then you will have to change the washer but if it is from the handle, you will have to change the whole tap ensemble.

Emergency #2: Clogged or Leaky Toilets

Parties can go wild as the hours get later in the night and most people won’t notice what they are throwing down the sinks and toilets. There will be a chance when toilets get clogged as someone might have flushed a beer bottle, heaven forbid. Before your guests start arriving, make sure that you have a set of plungers and augers stowed away. Once clogs occur, you will be ready to plunge the blockage away with no sweat, figuratively. If the blockage is too stubborn for your plunger, bring in the auger. Once your “toilet business” is done, you can continue partying with your guests.

Emergency #3: Blocked Kitchen Sinks and Disposals

Since we are in a party scenario, food will always be present. And speaking of food, some people may not like your cooking (no offence) and to escape your piercing glare, they will just dump the food in your kitchen sinks. In such cases, you need to be swift in fixing a clogged kitchen sink. The first step you should take is to remove the strainer of your drain and then plunge it with all your might until the water is drained all the way down. If the clog has gone away, then you will have to call in a plumber. The plumber can inspect where the clog is lodged on.