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How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain

plumberparramatta bathubNothing is more relaxing than a bath in a tub after a long day. You can even sip your favourite wine with a soothing music as a background. However, this luxury can come to a screeching halt once your tub’s drain is clogged. Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips on how to remedy these kinds of situations. Here are some easy-to-do ways on how to unclog bathtub drains.

1. Run a hot water down the tub drain.

Hot water has always been a great help in situations where clog drains are concerned. Be it a toilet clog, a sink clog; just run a hot water and the problem is solved. If your bathtub drain doesn’t have that much heavy clog, then running hot water down its drains for about 10 minutes should do the trick immediately.

2. Plunge the blocked tub drain.

If running hot water is not enough to unclog your drains, then you’ll need to clear the clog by using a plunger. There are a variety of plungers available but the best one to use when it comes to flat-surfaced drains is the cup plunger. The first thing to do is to remove your tub’s stopper. By wiggling the stopper a little bit, you can unlink the linkage assembly from it as this assembly is what connects the trip lever to the stopper. After removing it, plug the overflow tube and fill up your tub with water, preferably just below ankle deep. The water can help make a suction to seal the opening of the drain. The suction created pushes the blockade further the drain and freeing your tub drain from the clog. To create a better seal, rub a petroleum jelly on the lip of the cup plunger.

3. Insert an auger down the drain.

Only opt for augers if the plungers didn’t solve the clog. First, remove the strainer and the linkage assembly. Then, insert the auger down into the drain opening. The auger is long enough for it to reach as far as the T-fittings of your drains. Turn the auger in a circular motion to push through to the blockade.

4. Auger your way through the overflow tube.

If the clog in your bathtub drain is still not resolved, then this will be your last resort. First is you have to take away the linkage assembly and the stopper. Once the two are removed, you have to unscrew the plate from where it is situated and pull the parts apart with utmost care as these are fragile. Then, insert the auger into the overflow tube until it reached the trap of your tub. Drive the auger forward to break the items that are blocking your drains. If this still doesn’t work out, it is best to contact your plumber as there might be problems in your sewer pipes.