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Need immediate assistance on your plumbing woes? Take it easy and contact a professional plumber straightaway. At Plumber Parramatta, we are dedicated in providing in quality plumbing service at an affordable price. Our emergency plumbers are well-equipped and highly trained to deal with various types of plumbing emergencies including:

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A Plumbing Emergency in Parramatta

Christopher & Maddie took pride in their home. They lived on a nice street with well-kept lawns and happy flower beds. The footpaths were always tidy and driveways swept. It was a fine Saturday morning and the sound of lawnmowers was already filling the air. Chris figured his lawn could do with a mow as well, it was getting long enough, and it was the kind of day you wanted to spend time outside. Maddie grabbed the car keys to move her car off the lawn while Chris pulled the mower out of the shed. Maddie flicked the car into reverse and ran the car back onto the driveway as she did almost every day. Except this time there was a crunch. She parked the vehicle on the road and jogged up the driveway to see a rapidly expanding puddle. Chris was already at the meter tap, turning it off to stop the water flooding from the cracked hose tap in the front garden.

The Parramatta Plumber arrived within a couple of hours of Chris calling. The Plumber checked the tap in the front garden and found that Maddie had snapped the old pipe where the tap was connected. It was an old tap and the pipe looked as if it had been repaired a few times before. The Plumber advised he could repair just the pipe, but the tap was old as well, and looked like it needed at least a service. The Neighbourhood Plumber showed them the garden tap he had in his truck. It was a quarter turn, which made it incredibly easy to turn on and off. They thought about it for a few minutes while the Plumber got his tools from the truck to repair the pipe, before agreeing to also replace the tap. The old one had been very stiff to turn on and off. The Plumber cut away the damaged pipe. He removed the old tap to throw away and attached the new pipe and new tap. He returned the water supply and tested the tap. There were no leaks and the tap turned on easily. Maddie played with it a couple of times, marvelling at how much easier it was to use. The Plumber cleaned up his work site and made sure he picked up the pipe and tap so he could dispose of them later.

If you have a Plumbing Emergency at your Parramatta home, call your local Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0488 886 305. Whether it’s a gas leak, water leak, blocked drain or hot water problem, we can help!

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