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3 Simple Steps to Shut Off the Main Water Line during a Plumbing Emergency

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When there’s an emergency in your home, do you have any idea how to shut off the water? Do you know where to find the pipe if your water pipes are broken to avoid costly destruction? There are actually two ways to shut off the water in your home. Find the shut-off valve in your house when an emergency arises.

Here are some important steps you should know when an emergency in your water system happens.

Step 1:

Try to focus on the search for the main water valve. Most homes in Australia have main shut off valve in their basement. Go to your basement to shut off the valve if you encounter sudden leak in your water system. For houses without basements, the main shut off is located in a utility closet or in crawl space. Take note of the following thing to properly shut down the valve.

  • Basement – Check your basement walls to trace where the line originates. Shut off valve must be situated near or at the floor.
  • Crawl Space – look out for any access on the exterior part of your home. Take out your access door and check the inside part using a flashlight as soon as you have found the access. Although almost all the shut off valves are within reach, some are not, requiring you to crawl inside just to locate the valves. It would be a smart idea if you hire an expert plumber since this can be very harmful and devastating.
  • Utility Closet – There is a great possibility for a flat with a closet having water heater and/or furnace to also have the main water line at the same place. Should this be the case, follow the instructions in the second step.

Step 2:

Find the shut off valve and turn it off. Turn the regular round valve such as the valve located outside your hose all the way towards the right direction. Turn the straight line valve in a way that the handle is no longer parallel with its water line.

Step 3:

If you have done everything yet nothing happens, turn off the main water line located in the street. The main water line is typically situated in the yard and it usually comes with a metal lid marked water. Be careful not to confuse this line with the gas line main. Some of the main water lines have diameter measuring 6-7 inches while others are much larger measuring about one foot. You will need a special tool called street key to turn off the valve. However, you will have an option to check the access during an emergency because some can be reached easily and can be
shut off using a wrench. See to it that the valve is not parallel with its main line. The street key is also operational on gas line mains other than water lines.

Keep these steps in mind so that a little water system issue will not become expansive.