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4 Known Causes of Running Toilet

plumberparramatta running toilet

A running toilet becomes a major problem when it’s overlooked. Moreover, it will encourage other issues from happening. And as a result, there will be a severe water wastage that results to an increase in our water bill. However, homeowners must not fret about this since it can be fixed easily. On the other hand, they must determine the cause of the problem before repair operation begins and assess the extent of the damage. With this, they won’t call a professional for the job.

To help them, listed below are the common causes of a running toilet. Keep in mind to regularly check it even after the repair has been done. This is to ensure that the problem won’t occur again.

  1. Lift chain problems

The length of the lift chain has something to do when flushing down waste. On the other hand, there might be a blockage to the tight water stoppage of the flapper if the length of the chain is too short. Moreover, the flapper will have a hard time closing the passage if the chain’s length is too long. Because of this, it’s important to check the toilet parts, especially the length of the chain, to ensure that no factor will affect the operation of the toilet. Commonly, if there is a problem with the chain’s length, there are two things that can be done, either invest in a stainless ball chain or opt for an aluminum one.

  1. Damaged Flapper

The flapper is a toilet part that is responsible for closing the passage of the water flowing down to the syphon. On the other hand, its operation can be affected when the flapper is damaged or dirty. Typically, an amount of water will seep out of the toilet bowl if there’s a tear on its surface. Moreover, it will block the flapper from closing the water passage if there’s a dirt. Apparently, if the problem is the latter, it’s not necessary for homeowners to replace the toilet. What they have to do is just to clean it regularly.

  1. Float Ball

The float ball functions to hint other components that there’s enough water for the next flush. On the other hand, there’s a required water level within a toilet tank. The water level must be under the overflow pipe. However, if the float is broken, there’s a possibility that the toilet tank will overflow. If this is the case, an easy way to repair the problem is to adjust the float ball by adjusting it or bending the connecting rod.

  1. Sticky flush valve

A sticky flush valve may also result to a running toilet. The problem must be repaired to avoid severe water wastage. One way to mend it is by wiggling the flush handle if the water keeps on running straight to the bowl. After doing it, the valve will be free from being stuck. Keep in mind that if the valve is stuck, it’ll only block the flapper. With this, a small amount of water will flow to the syphon and as a result flushing, the waste wouldn’t be successful.