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5 Kinds of Hose Bibs

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Every resident and householders, when hearing the word hose bibs, what comes into their minds is the threaded faucet situated outside their homes on which a garden hose is attached to be used to water garden plants, washing cars and watering lawns and yards. But they also have different forms beyond your knowing. Many types are invented for various applications outside our homes. It is, of course, important to know what these types are and the advantages it can offer to know which one is best for installation when you need to invest for one.
Here are the basic types of hose bibs widely used by most occupants for varied outdoor applications with their attributes and unique features.

1. Frost Free Hose Bibs

Frost free hose bibs are commonly exploited by homeowners on areas experiencing cold seasons and winter where temperature go beyond zero freezing conditions. They are commonly found on external and outdoor spigots and are best for winter seasons because of its capability to remove the necessity of switching off the faucet during cold temperatures. When you don’t utilise this hose bib and you experience cold weathers, you might destroy your hoses when the stagnant water it contains freezes inside it. This would then demand a new one after winter which would cost you much when you can save and preserve it with the help of a frost free bibs.

2. Old School Hose Bibs

Being one of the most conventional models and designs of hose bibs, this is commonly found in most old homes with no certain attributes to distinguish it from other modern designs. Unlike frost free hose bibs, this is not suitable for homes located in areas with cold seasons because this will require switching off and draining stagnant water from an outdoor hose. You might also need to keep your hose to avoid freezing it. But apparently, this hose bib is efficient though on warm and hot seasons.

3. Loose Key Hose Bibs

A loose key hose bib has a loose key feature which gives it the ability to be detached when not in use and attached when necessary. This is best on residences with multiple tap or outdoor faucet users. Detaching it would not allow anyone to use the tap without a key, thus needing your permission. In this case, when the fixture fails, you would identify the person to carry the expenses upon restoration than letting others use the fixture beyond your knowing.

4. Round Plastic Hose Bibs

This hose bib is best when water tanks need repair, cleaning or maintenance. It would be convenient enough especially with its ability to be dismantled easily. This can be used for water heater hose bibs as well so you can dismantle it by simply turning it and pulling it a little.

5. Knobbed Hose Bibs

Another hose bib type suitable for water heaters is a knobbed hose bib. It allows convenient draining when cleaning the tank just like the round plastic hose bibs. The only difference is that you can’t dismantle this easily like the round plastic hose bib. Dismantling this would require a wrench.