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5 Plumbing Maintenance Mistakes that You Should Avoid

plumbing mistakes to avoid

Maintenance is one of the key elements in having a smooth and operating plumbing system in the household. However, if you’re doing the upkeep the wrong way then the plumbing structure will suffer. Here are some common plumbing maintenance mistakes that you should avoid at any cost.


1.Not Using the Right Equipment for the Job

It’s part of any type of maintenance to have the proper tools. This very much applies to plumbing as well. If you always use the wrong type of tools in a plumbing maintenance, then it will only hamper your work and even damage the fixtures. A concrete example would be this: using hand augers to remove the obstructions in the toilet. This will not only damage the auger but the bowl as well. Hand augers are mainly used for clearing out bathtub and sink drains and are ineffective for toilets since the wire can break easily. What you need to do is unclog a toilet with a toilet auger. As you may have noticed, you need to be knowledgeable with some plumbing tools. You really don’t have to be familiar with all of the equipment, but just be insightful of the basic tools for maintaining common plumbing fixtures.


2.Not Fixing Leaks Immediately

You can easily ignore some leaks in the plumbing system but you should know that it will only become worse the longer the repair is delayed. Not to mention that it also wastes water resources and cause your water bills to become higher. If you’re unsure if there are leaks in the house or just want to confirm your suspicions, give the local plumbers in your area a call and hire them do to the inspection.


3.Treating your Toilet as a Trash Can

This is the most common problem in toilet maintenance and a lot of homeowners are guilty of doing this. The toilet should not become the primary waste disposal in the bathroom or even the entire house. You need to throw all of your solid and liquid garbage properly into a trash can, not the toilet. The garbage you flush down can clog the toilet pipe linings and can even become the cause of a major sewage waste problem.


4.Straining the Capacity of the Garbage Disposal Unit

The garbage disposal may be able to crush some foods with no effort but overloading it with too much food waste will only cause clogs on the drain. It’s important to take note that a garbage disposal that is grinding a lot of waste can become jammed in no time. Take it easy when throwing waste into the disposal unit and be careful with what food you’re placing into the drain. Foods like seeds and pasta can get stuck on the blade mechanism of the garbage disposal.


5.Pouring Grease and Oil into the Drains

This is another maintenance mistake that you should totally avoid. People often think that there will be no problem pouring grease and oils into the drain since it’s liquid in form. However, grease and oil has the ability to solidify. Of course, if these oils harden while it’s still in the drains then it will definitely cause obstructions. Treat grease and oils just like large food chunks and throw it into a trash bin.