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5 Tips to Prevent Burst Pipes

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As a homeowner, you may just wish not to face any home and plumbing problems. This adds so many burdens, not only to you but to your home as well. This includes clogging, pipe leaks and bursts. When a pipe burst, that would be a serious problem that would take much of your time, effort and money. This disaster commonly arises on winter seasons when water freezes. What’s good is, this problem can be avoided if you give enough attention to your plumbing system and you ready them for every incoming season. Take a look at these tips to help you prevent your pipes from bursting.

    1. Water Pipe Insulation

      Frozen water within a pipe is the most common reason of burst pipes on countries experiencing winter season. To avoid freezing water, make sure to insulate your pipes exposed to very cold temperature to get it ready for winter. You can either insulate them with foam blankets or side-slitted foam tubes accessible in many depots and home-improvement stores. Water tanks located outside your home should also be insulated to avoid freezing the water it contains.

    2. Keep the Cold Out

      Check your boilers and make sure that they are functioning well to avoid dropping the temperature too low enough to freeze the water in your pipes. If your boilers has an automatic frost protection
      thermostat, make sure that it is working efficiently to automatically turn the boiler on if the temperature starts dropping. Keep your house warm to avoid burst pipes caused by frozen water.

    3. Know Your Stop Cock

      When a person is in panic, he might forget the location of the emergency facilities, thus causing accidents. Make sure to know well your stop cock for you to easily stop any gas or liquid flow. To make sure you’ll find it easily, you can label it for you to avoid confusion and panicking.

    4. Regular Inspection

      Make sure to check your pipes always no matter what the season is. This will help you find minor bursts in your pipes and stop it from getting worse. Run your faucets once in awhile and if you notice that the water pressure drops, leaks and bursts might be happening somewhere. If you go away for a holiday or vacation, ask a neighbor or friend to check your plumbing system for you to avoid problems when you get back. You can then return the favor to them by doing the same during the time they go for a
      vacation as well.

    5. Maintain

      Make sure to take good care of your pipes and your plumbing system. Follow maintenance tips and give little but constant attention to them to lengthen their service life span and avoid destruction such as bursts and leaks.

    Your plumbing system carries drinking water into your home necessary for your daily routines. Hygiene and household duties are made possible because of the clean water from your water pipes. Take care of them by maintaining them because when they fail, there are many things you can’t do in your homes.