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8 Plumbing Power Tools for Easy Fixes

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When it comes to our plumbing system, it’s normal to invest on tools that could mend emergency issues immediately. There are times that plumbing problems can be solved through those tools instead of calling plumbers. The following power tools are the common tools found in each homeowner’s tool box.

  • Angle drill

This tool is used for to create holes in tight-spaced walls and hard-to-reach areas. There are various speed, efficiency and quickness among different angle drill models. With this, you are able to pick on what is suitable for you. The tool is created to make holes into those materials in order to make inserting connections possible.

  • Angle grinder

Angle grinder’s purpose is to cut, sharpen and polish materials such as stucco, tile and pavers. When using this tool, it can cut the materials immediately and also, it can provide you with a cleaner output than using a hacksaw. Angle grinder operates through the use of electricity, petrol engines or compressed air.

  • Auger bits

Like the angle drill, this is also a power tool that could put holes onto those materials such as wood and metal. The tool has a flighting. The aforementioned is actually a helical blade that causes of the removal of the dig out material from the hole and from the material itself through the rotation.  

  • Circular saw

This kind of tool lets its blades have the ability to cut through various material such as plastic, wood and metal. Though it depends on what kind of blade you’re going to choose. The circular saw has a switch that turns on and off the tool, usually located on the handle in order to have an easy access. The blade is completely held in place by an arbour nut to avoid the blades to be disconnected during using it that could cause serious accidents.

  • Sump pump

This type of power toll is usually installed in lower ground places in our household such as basements. With this tool, it helps our place under the building dry since its averts flooding situations. This  will pump the water out of the soil and transport it away from your home in order to keep it dry.

  • Electric drill

Similar to angle drill, the electric drill can also create holes for various materials. The electric drill has a metal bit that makes the holes on those items. Also, its metal bit can be replaced with another substitute such as a screwdriver tip in order to take out screws easily.

  • Pipe cutter

Most of the professional plumbers utilised this power tool since it can provide a quicker and cleaner pipe cut. Pipe cutters are much more convenient than using a hacksaw. The advantage when using this is that it provides a cleaner output and it avoids the pipe from breaking during the cutting session.

  • Toilet auger

Toilet augers are known for taking obstructions that cause your pipes clogs. The tool has a flexible metal shaft on its end potion to manoeuvre the pipe. Most of the time, toilet augers are best known as auger snake.