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How to Fight and Prevent Mould & Mildew Growth

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You shouldn’t simply ignore mould and mildew growth in your bathroom as well as your entire house. Some of you might say that it’s just an unsightly fungus but it actually has some health hazards if left ignored. Be sure to read more of this article to learn more on how to fight mould and mildew growth as well as some key pointers on how to prevent this fungus from growing again in the future.

Bleach Solution

    Moulds and mildew are very common in bathrooms since this area has a lot of trapped moisture that the fungus can feed on. There are common OTC (over-the-counter) cleaners or mould killers but we suggest you should just use a simpler, cheaper, and more effective solution which is bleach. Before you start using this procedure, be sure to wear protective rubber gloves as bleach can irritate your skin. Pour a cup of bleach into a gallon of warm water. Next step is to get a toilet brush and use it together with the bleach mixture to scrub the surfaces affected by the mould and mildew. Let the solution sink in for a few minutes before washing it off with another set of warm water, preferably water coming from the tap.

For Moulds in Grout Lines

    Grout lines can easily accumulate water due to its design, which makes it a favourite spot for moulds. To have a more thorough mould removal on grout lines, you can just use a toothbrush that has added hydrogen peroxide. This is a better cleaning method than using large toilet brushes since the toothbrush can easily go in between the hard-to-reach linings of the grout lines.

Toxic Moulds

    Moulds have varying degrees of toxicity. One of the most toxic types of fungus are black moulds. Although this fungus does negatively affect the health of those who consistently inhale its spores, it’s better known for its severe damage to the structure of the house. The repairs are very costly which is why you need to be careful with black moulds and eliminate it as soon as you find one growing. This is very common in humid areas so anyone living in such places must be extra careful.

Stop Mould from Growing in your Household Again

    The key factor of mould and mildew growth is moisture. Some may say that it’s difficult to keep the bathroom free from moisture since you do a lot of water-related activities such as showering, taking a bath, etc. There are actually a lot of methods in dehumidifying a bathroom. The most common and most effective method is having a ventilation system. Not only does the ventilation system clear off the moisture, it also gets rid of toilet smells. It’s not just the bathroom you should check but your entire house as well. There could be cracked pipes that are constantly leaking in your home. These water leaks can become the habitat for the fungus which can become a great threat to the structure of your house if not take care of.