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Tips on How to Repair/Re-install a Toilet

Plumber Parramatta Toilet Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to clear your blocked toilet drain. There are now a lot of ways to unclog your drains although there are various ways to solve the problem. There are also instances when you have been calling professional plumber for a number of times already. Don’t you think it is time to replace your toilet with new one?

Installation of New Toilet

You might be calling a plumber from time to time to attend to your plumbing issues and we all know that hiring one isn’t cheap. Having an emergency case is another issue, of course, because you are not worried of the specific cost at certain time. What matters most this time is to get your plumbing operation and your life back to normal the soonest possible way, no matter the cost involved.

There are also instances when you have little or no choice but to contact the nearest plumber to do the repair, unless you know the task or an expert plumber yourself. You may execute the work yourself and save some cash for simple plumbing problem repair or installation. All you need is to have simple, basic tools and research about proper repair and installation of toilets.

Keep in mind the installation of a new toilet is a daunting task that any cannot be dealt with by anyone. The good news is that the installation can be completed in one hour. You need to follow the steps properly and carefully so that hiring a plumber will become your last resort.

Necessary Plumbing Tools and Supplies for Toilet Installation

  • Small channel lock pliers
  • Wax seal
  • Rubber flange cover (can be optional)
  • Screwdriver
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Newspapers, paper towels, rags or any other absorbent materials

Step-By-Step Instructions for Toilet Removal and Replacement

    1. Remove the existing toilet before installing a new toilet. This method will be a lot easier when you have assistance. Turn off the main water supply at the shutoff valve in your bathroom. Cut off the general water supply of your house in case you cannot find nearby shutoff valve.

    2. Empty your existing toilet of water from the tank and bowl as soon as water supply has been shut off. Flush your toilet many times to empty the tank. Remove most of the water in your bowl with a plunger. Soak any remaining water in the bowl using paper towels or any other absorbent materials.

    3. Disconnect the water line connection at the bottom of your tank. You may have to use lubricant to loosen up the connection.

    4. Separate your tank from the bowl. Loosen up the nuts on top of toilet base and remove them to lift and remove the toilet.

    5. Remove the toilet base from the bathroom floor. Ask someone to help you out in lifting the old toilet.

    6. Replace the old toilet with a new one. Attach new tank on the bowl then reconnect all the water supply line.

So, if you think your toilet needs to be checked, now is the best time so that proper measures will be taken to help improve its functionality.