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Why you should be Extra Careful during a Basement Flood

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Basement floods are not a pretty sight and take a lot of work to be cleaned and drained. It’s even more disastrous if you turned your basement into a stylised living room or entertainment room. If ever there is a basement flood in your house, you must tread carefully because it has a lot of hazards. Protect yourself from the dangers of a basement flood by knowing more of the hazards that you will encounter below:


Electrical hazard

-This is one of the common dangers when entering a basement that’s heavily flooded. You’ll be more exposed to risks if your basement has a lot of electronic devices, cables, and outlets. It’s too dangerous if you will find it difficult to pinpoint the hazardous areas that are the prominent with electric connections and equipment. You should really avoid dashing into the floods and just leave it to a team of professional cleaners in draining out the floods. However, if you need to get something urgent then it would be safe if you’re able to shut down the main breaker switches before going into the floods. Of course, it’s safer if you don’t go through the flooded waters at all.  


Sewage wastes and diseases

If you’re still not convinced that walking on the flooded waters is too dangerous then perhaps this will change your mind; basement floods may also carry some wastes and diseases. This sometimes happens when a sewer main line is clogged or the flood waters are just too strong and carry out the wastes of an overflowing sewer. There are a lot of diseases that comes from sewage wastes such as: hepatitis A, leptospirosis, cholera and so much more. Take note that sewage doesn’t just include solid wastes but wastewater as well. You can always wear protection like gloves, masks, and glasses, but it’s still best if you manage to avoid splurging into those waters.


Chemical exposure or inhalation

Chemicals that are possibly mixed into flood waters comes in a variety of forms such as cleaning products, paint, bleach, and many more. The water may have carried these chemicals from your drains or other parts of the household. Some of these chemicals may cause no or little effect while others can possibly induce irritation and other sickness. Even if the flood water is gone, there may still be chemicals lingering in your basement so try to limit exposing yourself and wear safety and protective gear.


Foundation and house structure damage

This rarely occurs but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen in households. Sometimes a structure in your house like the ceiling, or even the foundation are too damaged that a flood can easily finish off the remaining structure and cause destruction to your home. Getting your house checked for structural damage can help detect early signs of weakened ceilings, walls, and foundation.

In order to protect your basement from floods in the future, you need to ensure that the sump pump is 100% working. Clearing off wastes inside your dra