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Danielle was the first to get home. Before she’d taken five steps in the door she was wishing Pablo had beaten her to it. The carpet was soaked with water and there was an actual puddle around the linen cupboard. Dani rushed to the door and opened it. Water was bubbling merrily from the tank, half hidden behind rows of now very damp sheets and towels. She raced outside and screwed off the water mains before calling her husband for help. He agreed to call the plumber while Dani pulled out their linen. She dumped everything in the laundry to be re-washed as she waited for both her husband and the plumber.

The Neighbourhood Plumber arrived not long after Pablo got home. He looked in at the problem and showed the couple that the hot water system had burst at the bottom. This meant he wasn’t able to repair the tank and would need to replace it instead. With a bit of effort and some help from Pablo, the Plumber removed the shelves in the cupboard for easier access to the tank. The Plumber disconnected the old hot water system and managed to manoeuvre the tank out of the cupboard. Dani began throwing whatever dry towels she had onto the floor to help soak up the water where the heater had sat. While she did that Pablo and the Parramatta Plumber discussed options for a replacement. They settled on the same size and model. The Plumber organised to return the next morning, at 7am with the new tank to install, as the suppliers were all currently closed.

The next morning the Parramatta Plumber arrived on time, as agreed. He had already taken the old tank with him and disposed of it. He unloaded the new tank from his truck and wheeled it into the house, which was now a lot dryer. The Neighbourhood Plumber positioned the new tank and connected it to the existing pipes. He restored water and began to fill the tank with water as he tidied up his worksite. Pablo assisted again in helping put the cupboard back together before the Plumber left.

If you have an issue with your hot water system, whether its burst or has a slight leak, contact your local Neighbourhood Parramatta Plumber on 0488 886 305!

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