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3 Signs of a Dying Hot Water System:

rusted hot waterI had a cold shower last night. I’m not going to bother telling you how it was because you already know it was bloody awful. No one likes cold showers. Sure, some people say they do, but I think we can all see through that one. It’s like kale or hot yoga: folks claim that it’s God’s gift to the earth but deep down we all know there’s something truly wrong with the whole ordeal.

Look, what I’m getting at here is this: learn from my mistake and don’t get caught without a working hot water heater.

Although there are certainly signs that your hot water system is on its last legs, the overwhelming majority of people either don’t recognise these signs or fail to act fast enough. And then it fails, leaving you to that most grisly of fates: the cold shower. Faced with the horror of this situation, most consumers will hurry into the purchase of their new system. More often than not you will end up with either the same model you previously had or the first one available.

On average, hot water systems make up around 25% or more of most home’s energy bill. Rushing into a bad system can end up costing you far more than you need to be paying. Allow yourself the time to make an informed decision regarding your purchase by recognising the signs of a failing hot water system. Here are 3 signs that your water heater is on its last legs and needs to be put out of its misery:

  1. Rusty Water:
    Rusty or metallic water can signify corrosion of the walls of the water storage tank, however it could also mean that your pipes are rusting. Check the hot water out of all of your taps. If it’s occurring across all of them then your system likely requires a replacement. If it’s specific to just one tap then the issue is in the piping, meaning you can hold off on replacing the entire heating unit.
  1. Muddy Water:
    If the water coming out of your tap is muddy or contains traces of sediment, this is a pretty clear indication that your water heater is beginning the slow shuffle off of this mortal coil. This kind of residue usually means that you have a build up of sediment within the heater itself.
  2. Noisy and Slow:
    If your heater is taking longer than usual to produce hot water and is making more noise than usual while operating, it could be an early warning sign that you need to find a replacement unit. These symptoms are an indication of a build up of sediment within the system.Although a plumber can clean out the system and restore its efficiency, if left untreated it can and will lead to cracks in the walls of the tank. This will necessitate a replacement of the system. Early detection is crucial.

Keep an eye out for these 3 warning signs and you’ll never be stuck with the horror of a cold shower again!