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4 Alarming Signs that your Water Heater is about to Fail

Purchasing a new water heater or even just repairing it can be expensive, but the complications that come from an aging or deteriorated heating system should be something to consider. You’re not just risking a plumbing emergency, but your safety as well if you continue to use a defective plumbing fixture. If you noticed these alarming signs that your water heater is about to fail, have it repaired or replaced as soon as you can.

Water leaks under the tank

This is more of a tell-tale sign for those who have tankless systems. Don’t just disregard the water formation that is under the tank since it’s an indicator that your water heater has eaks. However, the leakage may also be coming from the pipes so it’s better if you thoroughly check the machine before creating any assumptions. If indeed the leak is coming from the water heater then it should be fixed immediately to avoid further damage and wasted water. There may be cases in which the leak is negligible. You should not ignore even if it’s just a minor leak since the crack can become larger as time passes.

Rust particles in the water

Having rust in your water doesn’t mean you’re water heater is completely broken, but you shouldn’t just ignore this issue. In most cases, there is an appearance of rust in the water supply since the anode rod has completely diminished. This sacrificial rod absorbs the oxidation process, thus protecting the inner components of the tank from rusting. However, there are instances in which a lot of the the internal parts of the water heater are rusted and cannot be saved anymore. If this happens, you have no other option but to replace it with a brand new hot water equipment.

The water doesn’t remain warm

Another alarming sign is when the water from the water heater doesn’t stay warm and converts to room temperature at a fast rate. A plumber can help determine the specific issue with the fixture and can give sound advice on whether to repair or just get a new one. Repairing may help extend its life but it will eventually succumb to machinery faults and age, which makes buying a new one a better long term solution.

The heating system is past its lifespan

Sometimes you don’t have to wait for a major issue to happen for you to get a new water heater. Knowing if the fixture is past its intended lifespan is a good reason to give the equipment a rest and search for a new and better one. Also, be sure to check if the warranty of your water heater is still applicable. Most water heaters have a warranty of 10 years. The fixture might still be fixed by the manufacturer so always be well-informed with not just the warranty of your water heater but other equipment as well.