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4 Things You Need To Think Over Before Buying a Water Heater

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Our water heater is used widely especially by homeowners who live in cold areas. It’s important that our chosen unit works and can provide the service we demand. Commercial markets nowadays offer several types of water heater with different features for various situations. Because of its several types, it’s normal that you get confused on what to pick. In order to help you, here are some factors you have to think over before purchasing a new unit:


Apparently, you can’t purchase a water heater system without spending some cash. As a homeowner, you need to estimate the budget for the unit. In addition to the price of the water heater, keep in mind that there should also be an extra money for the maintenance expenses. If you want a cheap unit, you can opt for an electric water heater, however, it tends to have substantial running cost. On the other hand, a solar water heater could also be a great alternative. Despite of its expensive price, electric consumption decreases up to 80%. Moreover, you will receive some incentives from using solar-powered appliance by the federal government.

The size of the household

Most of the time, an individual uses up to 50 litres of hot water daily. With this, make sure that the size of the unit is proportionate to the size of the household. Moreover, the hot water supply should sustain the demands of the users. On the other hand, when it comes to the best power source of the unit, make sure that it can cover the needs of the entire family. For gas-powered and instantaneous units, it can accommodate at least 1-2 persons. You can also opt for small storage gas boosted systems. The aforementioned and heat pump can serve at least 3-4 people. On the other hand, for households that are composed of 5 members, they’re recommended to opt for huge pump system or a conventional water heater.

Energy source

To operate the appliance,  it needs a power source. Before you purchase the unit, look for the power sources or the types of fuel in your area and scratch out those units which use the scarce energy. With your list narrowed down, it’ll be easier for you to choose the kind of unit that you want. For those areas which have a constant sunny weather, it’s advisable that you use solar water heater. Aside from reducing the monthly electric bill, it can also minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Experts suggest opting for solar heaters and heat pumps for areas which natural gas is impossible to obtain.

Available space

When you purchase a water heater, you have to check the available space in your household. You have to see if the tank fits in the space you allotted. For instance, traditional water heater is bulky compared to instantaneous units. In addition, storage heaters require a flue that releases the gases outside.