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5 Ways to Prevent Disastrous Water Heater Explosion

plumberparramatta water heater explosion

There are things that we have to do in our water heater systems in order to avert massive explosions and other heater problems that will cost a lot of money from the installation and replacement procedure. Taking preventive actions before any problem is always the key to keep you and your family safe from harm. The following are the inexpensive ways to ensure that your water heater system is properly working.

  • Lower the temperature

As mentioned and discussed in other articles, your water heater must be set no more than 120 degrees. Beyond the suggested temperatures creates scalding causing a damage in your water heater system.

  • Tune up your water heater annually

In order to do this, hire a professional plumber to check your unit. It is important that you exercise this annually because it will minimise that chances of blowing up your entire house from gas leaks that turned to a huge explosion. Regularly checking that unit ensures you that all your safety mechanisms within the unit are properly working.

Also, the inspection serves as a preventive action that will notice minimal problems that would turn to huge one if not detected. In that way, it will save you from future repair costs and component replacements. All the minimal problems can be repaired because it was detected early.

  • Water heater maintenance

All the debris and sediments found within the tank, specifically at the bottom where you can see the burner must be taken out. The capability of your water heater to efficiently and immediately heat cold water will decrease. In that case, your home’s energy consumption will increase as well as your bills. Also, if left unattended, explosion and severe damage to your unit will happen.
Well, it is obvious that all of us want to avoid this, right? Exerting an amount of effort to conduct maintenance is more productive because you will no longer have to worry about unit replacement.

  • Examine your pressure and temperature valve always

For traditional types of storage heater tanks, its style comes with a T&P valve. The valves are responsible for releasing the excess pressure that the tank produces and averts it from exploding. With its said function, you must have to avert any problems in connection to T&P valve because it is just like trying to avoid explosions in your household. Proper maintenance should be done every once a month.

  • Don’t D-I-Y the problems, just leave them to the professionals

The cost of the repair and installation process of varied plumbing procedures vary, with its cost, owners would just try to opt for doing and repairing the damages on their own. Yes, you might probably avoid the dear plumbing services, however, the way you handled the problem does not mean that you really fixed it. The worse thing about D-I-Y pertinent to the water heater is that they might probably explode because of the mistakes you probably didn’t notice during your fixing process.

Installing and improper repair lead to further damage to the unit, this means you will have to spend more than simple plumbing services, worse, you have to replace the entire unit. With that being said, at the very early stage of your heater problem, call professionals to help you with it.