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6 Advantages of Electric Water Heater

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A lot of experienced users of water heater systems have differentiated its two categorise and some of them prefer an electric type of water heater because of some variables that make life easier. The following are the benefits you get from using an electric type of water heater.

  • Safety

The chances of a possible gas leak explosion in your home are much bigger than possible electrocution because of damaged wires found in your electric water heater. Because of using an electric type of water heater, chances of a massive explosion within your household dwindles. Also, if there is any inevitable complications to the tank, gas type heaters are more likely to precipitate more damage than electric water heater system.

  • No pilot light

With regards to safety, electric units do not utilise pilot light. It only indicates that you don’t have to relight any flame after it burns out.

  • Cost of the installation process

For gas water heater, it requires you to vent the exhaust through the flu. This indicates that you have to put PVC tubing up until your home and up until to your rooftop. Imagine the installation process and the cost of it, expensive right? On the other hand, installing an electric heater would just require you to put a bare wiring or a special outlet. Unlike the gas units, you will no longer have to saw your roof for some vent.

  • Life expectancy

Since electric water heater does not have too many components and the parts have less contact with heat, this just means that all the parts will last long beyond its lifespan which makes you save more money from buying new units that only last for 5 or 7 years.

  • Space Requirements

The thing about gas type unit is that during its installation process, it requires at least 6-18 in of ventilation from all sides which is a problem for homes with limited space because you can’t just install this in a crawlspace. On the other hand, for electric water heaters, it is possible for you to place this type of unit in an enclosed area without any fear of explosion or gas accumulation. Also, for everybody’s convenience, you can also purchase heaters that fit underneath your sink.

  • It is possible for you to put timer in electric type of water heater

For instance, if you are moving into a new building or house, one of the things that you do first is to place a timer that will turn the unit off if it reaches the desired duration you want. Most of the unit timers cost not more than $55 and can be installed by homeowners who love D-I-Y plumbing. Installing a timer can be very easy because all you have to do is to shut down the breaker or the fuse before putting it on.

After that, set the timer and you will have sufficient hot water for your shower in the morning and other routines done in the evening. Since your heater unit is timed, your will have restricted power consumption that leads to the reduction of your electricity bill.