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Choosing The Best Water Heater For You

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What homeowners truly wish it to save energy bills. They try it by turning off a power switch from time to time when an appliance isn’t used or turning the lights when nobody is in the room. As a homeowner, it’s practical to be cautious about energy consumption. However, they don’t probably know that using hot water accounts for up to third of a household’s energy bill. With this, it’s important to see if the water heater you’re using is best and is cost-effective for the household demands.

Electric water heater system

This type of water heater is widely used. A lot of homeowners still opt for this because it’s reliable and it’s cheap price. However, because of rising electricity cost and its contribution to greenhouse gasses, more and more users wants to opt for cheaper and more environment-friendly alternatives.

Gas water heater system

Gas water heater needs a burner to power instead of electricity to keep the water in the tank heated. In contrast to electric units, gas types emit less amount of greenhouse gases. Moreover, they also have lower usage rates (still it depends on where the homeowner live), resulting gas type to be much cheaper. One important think to know is that gas type must be linked to the main gas and must be placed outside, otherwise the exhaust vent is required for installation indoors.

Solar water heater

For solar water heater, it produces energy by attracting heat from the sun through solar panels that are mounted on a property’s roof. The heat that is being generated will be used to heat the water within the tank. Apparently, with this type of unit, it can reduce electricity consumption and bill by up to 80 percent. Moreover, it’s known to be environment-friendly units among all the types. In order to operate efficiently, solar water heater needs sunshine. If homeowners are living in areas which aren’t sunny at all, you can opt for boosters that lets you to heat the water within tank. On the other hand, one disadvantage when choosing this unit is its upfront cost. This is very expensive, however, it’s nothing compared to the amount of money you’ll save from decrease of energy bill in the future.

Heat pumps

Reverse cycle air conditioner and heat pumps effectively works the same way. Both draw heat from the air outside to heat the water. While they are considered as environment-friendly since it has low carbon emission footprint, heat pumps are expensive. Aside from its upfront cost, its moving parts can also obtain damages. With this, there will be an ongoing maintenance. In addition, since heat pumps are designed only for warmer climates, they would have problem in operating during winter season.

Always remember before you upgrade the unit, there are factors that must be considered first. Same thing goes to when you want to alter to another type of unit. For instance, factors such as carbon footprint, climate, the cost and the maintenance the unit needs.