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A Homeowners’ Guide on the Maintenance of Gas Hot Water Systems

waterheater maintenance

Hot water systems have been an important component of every household in Australia. It provides hot water for shower especially during winter where temperature could drop as low as 6-7 degrees Celsius. Today, more and more homeowners are switching from electric hot water system to gas hot water system because they are inexpensive, easy to install compared to solar hot water systems and are energy efficient. So, will you become one of them? If you do, know that maintenance of gas hot water systems should be performed regularly and not overlooked in order to keep them running efficiently, safely and properly. Every components of your gas hot water system must also be periodically maintained to avoid future hot water problems, costly repair or replacement of the unit, and ensure that your needs for hot water are uninterrupted.


This article offers step-by-step instructions on how to drain your gas hot water system as part of your maintenance programme at home.

  • Find the pressure/temperature relief valve, water shut-off valve and water drain.

The pressure/temperature relief valve and the water shut-off valve are both located on the top of your gas hot water system. On the other hand, you can find the water drain on the bottom.

  • Turn off the heating source and gather supplies.

Always ensure to turn off your gas hot water system before doing any maintenance of the unit. After turning it off, get a hose, bucket and gloves for protection from water and/or hot steam.

  • Attach the hose after turning off the water.

Before attaching hose to the water drain, you need to turn off the water to your gas hot water system first.

  • Turn on the water drain and open the pressure/temperature relief valve.

To release the water from the water heater tank, turn on the water drain. The water will gradually drain from the hose you had attached and will slowly stop because the pressure relief valve must be opened to let the air inside the tank. You will notice the formation of a vacuum, which you need to open and remove in order to drain more water that could be dirty at first due to sediment built-up.

  • Refill the gas hot water tank.

Always ensure to turn off the water drain located at the base of your water tank and close the pressure relief valve. Fill the tank with water so you can turn the gas on. Make sure that the tank is full to prevent the unit from heating damage.

Scheduled and routine maintenance of your gas hot water system is really crucial for the performance, safe operation and life extension of your unit. Note that some gas hot water systems can only be service by a licensed factory technician or gas fitter every one or two years as recommended by most manufacturers. So don’t allow any unqualified technicians to do the servicing to avoid any damage to your gas hot water system.