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The 5 Advantages of Using a Hybrid/Heat Pump Water Heater

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Many modern water heating systems are becoming more popular each day due to their numerous benefits that transcend previous water heaters. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at one particular water heater called the hybrid or also known as the heat pump. This water heater is truly unique as it uses a different process in heating water. You see, instead of consuming a lot of gas or electricity; a hybrid water heater only uses a small amount of electricity to absorb the heat of the surrounding air and use it to warm the stored water. Apart from having a unique method of heating water; hybrid systems have a lot of advantages that you should know! Check them out below!

1. It can save a lot of energy and hence; lessen your energy bills

This is something that many modern water heaters feature: low energy consumption. Hybrid water heaters may not be like solar water heaters that have free and renewable energy; but these hybrid systems consume small electricity that it’s completely negligible. Average households can save hundreds of dollars per year when using a hybrid water heater.

2. Safer to use

Hybrid water heaters strictly use electricity which is actually safer compared to heating system that exclusively use gas or have optimal performance when using gas fuels. Water heaters that use gas can have fire hazards and threat of explosions. Also, hybrid water heating systems are efficient in using electricity so you won’t be consuming too much electricity.

3. Generally better for the environment

Majority of water heaters release greenhouse gases — especially water heating systems that make use of gas fuels. Hybrid water heaters only disperse miniscule greenhouse gases which make it far more environment-friendly than most types of heating systems out there.

4. Many units/models of hybrid heating systems can be easily installed

Another major advantage of hybrid water heaters is that there is no trouble installing it in most households. A hybrid unit is designed just like a standard water heater for easier installation and to avoid compatibility issues. This is one of the reasons why some homeowners prefer to switch with hybrid than tankless water heaters. You see, many tankless units require specific plumbing connections which forces homeowners to have their current water heater connections retrofitted. This is an added cost to the already expensive price tag of tankless system.

5. Low-cost maintenance

Conventional water heaters need a lot of maintenance and check-up since there are a lot of possible issues and complications that can happen to this type of heating systems. With hybrid water heaters, you only have to do little maintenance since this type of water heater is basically self-sustaining. There may be a few upkeeps that you need to do but it’s something that doesn’t require a ton of effort and it’s also low-cost. Hybrid water heaters do have expensive installation costs but the long term benefits that you can get are something that is certainly worth the money and effort.