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Simple Ways to Eliminate Rusty Water


In some instances, you would notice that there is red or orange-tinted water that flows from your tap. Seeing this kind of water coming out will be disgusting and many homeowners would doubt if the water is still fit for consumption.

If the colour is caused solely by rust, the water should not pose any serious health risks to the homeowners. This concern aside, it is best to look for the root of the problem and resolve it. There is great chance that the problem is with the plumbing or there may be sediments on the pipes that come out of the tap.

What could be the reason for it?

If your home uses iron pipes, it is likely that you will encounter this problem. When the rust has nowhere to go, it ends up in the water stream. If you are unfortunate, the rust could settle and form sediments in the bottom of the pipe. It could remain there and do not come out of the tap. At the time when it is disturbed or when there is excessive water, it will show up and come out when the faucet is running. Sediments can be stirred up by changes in pressure and repairs in the pipes.

How to locate the source of the problem?

The rust sediment could come from pipes inside the home or from the main source. For you to determine the source is by running the outside faucet which is closed to the main. Let the water run for a minute or two and then fill a cup with the water. Check for signs of rust. If you find rust in the water, it should probably come from the main supply. If you find that the water is clear, the problem could be in the house plumbing.

How to get rid of the rusty water problem?

There are different ways for you to get rid of rusty water in your home. The first thing that you can do is to flush the pipes. This is the simplest way to get rid of the sediments. What you can do is open three to four cold water traps in the house and let the water run for 20 to 30 minutes at top pressure. The time you give is about enough to clear the pipes of the sediments. Do not open the faucets in the house and just let the hose run at full capacity for the same duration. Use the water to water plants around the house.

Another option to consider is replacing the pipes. This is one of the last options that you can opt for if the problem is largely in the pipes. Deteriorating pipes would need replacement especially because this is where the water is running. Your trusted plumbing professionals may be the best people to tell you when it is the best time to replace your pipes. In most cases, this is the last resort to clearing your home of rusty water.