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A gurgling sink or a bathroom basin that won’t drain can send many into a state of panic, especially when household plumbing aids such as a plunger, plumbing snake or draining chemicals don’t result in plumbing working efficiently again. Traditionally, when sewer lines became blocked or damaged, major excavation of properties was necessary in order to overhaul the poorly functioning sewer system. This not only meant disruption to landscaping, but associated costs to have it restored, not to mention the inconvenience of having to put up with noise and mess for several days before the plumbing repairs were completed.

We are pleased to inform you that today there is a much more practical and efficient method of pipe rehabilitation available called ‘pipe relining’. Pipe relining does away with digging up your property and is a clean and fast process, typically taking a day or less to complete.

Signs that your sewer system may need urgent attention include the following:

  • Toilets that won’t flush properly
  • Water in household basins and sinks draining at a slow rate
  • Gurgling and bubbling sounds coming from sinks and basins
  • Awful stenches coming from bathroom, laundry and kitchen zones of the home
  • An overflowing sewer gully

More about pipe relining

As mentioned, pipe relining does not require messy excavations at your property. Instead, it simply involves inserting a resin-soaked fibreglass or cloth pipe into the host pipe to effectively establish a new, sturdier pipe within a pipe. Pipe relining has been around for about 30 years and has been used to successfully repair pipes of all materials and of lengths ranging from 40mm to 600mm.

How pipe relining is done

To give you a better understanding of the process, here are the steps our plumbers carry out when relining damaged sewer pipes:

  • Quick clean of the affected pipe. First, the affected pipe is partially cleaned with a high-powered water jetter to get it ready for the video inspection – the next step in the pipe relining process.
  • CCTV video inspection. Next, the inside of the affected pipe is carefully examined via a CCTV sewer camera. The reason for this is to detect the location of the damage and assess the severity of it. The client is also able to view the footage so they can better judge whether pipe relining is suitable for their plumbing job.
  • Extensive clean. Once it has been decided by all that pipe relining is indeed the best method of pipe repair for the task at hand, an extensive clean of the damaged pipe will be performed, again with the water jetter, in order to prepare it for the insertion of the lining.
  • Lining installation. Following the thorough clean, a liner steeped in epoxy resin will be inverted into the host pipe. To precisely fit it to the pipe’s diameter, an air compressor will be used.
  • Curing time. Once the plumbers are confident that the lining has been pressed securely to the inside of the host pipe, it will be left to dry for usually 2 hours or so. Steam may also be used for larger pipes in the interest of accelerating the drying time.
  • Final inspection. The last step is to do another video inspection of the sewer pipe to make absolutely sure that the pipe relining has been completed successfully.

The ever-important benefits of pipe relining

When outlaying money for a household repair job, it’s important to know the benefits of one method over the others. As is surely evident by now, pipe relining has many advantages over traditional methods of pipe rehabilitation requiring excavation. Here is an overview of some of the advantages previous clients have enjoyed due to choosing pipe relining for their sewer line repairs:

  • They’ve saved money. No excavations means less disruption to your property, therefore less cost. Not needing a large team of plumbers nor a lot of equipment also results in a reduced plumbing bill.
  • A fast service. Unlike traditional methods of pipe repair requiring digging, pipe relining is generally completed within a day – within just a few hours in some instances.
  • A better sewer system. Pipes that have been relined actually have a smoother and steadier flow of wastewater than those that haven’t. They are also more resilient to natural threats, such as tree root invasion.
  • A 50 year guarantee. We guarantee that your relined pipes will serve you well for up to 50 years.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? It’s no wonder more and more Aussies are opting for pipe relining over traditional methods of pipe rehabilitation. Call us today on 0488 886 305 and one of our pipe relining experts will be happy to answer your questions and offer you advice.

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