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3 Famous Sewer System Misconceptions

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When it comes to our sewer system, there are sewer repair or maintenance methods we adamantly believe are effective. However, not all of these practices or beliefs are true. Some of it, if used frequently, will be the reason of the sewer system’s early deterioration. Apparently, these beliefs must be falsified to correct false information circulating from your area. Below are some sewer related misconceptions

Sewer rehabilitation activities can only be done through excavation

Apparently, this is a wrong notion. This notion is deemed by people who think that the procedure involves in traditional method. However, due to the innovations made by the professionals, there are various ways to maintain the system without excavating and extracting the sewer system. For instance, you can avail for CCTV pipe camera. This allows you to view the condition of the sewer system when inserted inside. In that way, it can give a precise report about the problems inside. This is helpful for the contractors in assessing and choosing the right repair method. On the other hand, when you want to replace the system, there are several options that you can choose from. The options don’t need excavation, too. One of the methods widely used is the pipe relining. This method uses a procedure which doesn’t disrupt the entire lawn. In addition, it’s also cheap and convenient compared to the traditional method.

It only needs minimal maintenance

People often think that our sewer system only needs minimal maintenance compared to other systems. Apparently, this is a false belief. Homeowners probably believe that our sewer system is safe and protected since it’s installed underground. However, this only makes everything complicated. This is because it would be hard to tell if the system is damaged. In addition, due to its locations, it’s hard to monitor and maintain it. If there are sewer issues present, this means that there’s also a problem with your drain system. On the other hand, there ways in which you can apply temporary solutions. However, make sure that once you did it, come up with a permanent solution so that you wouldn’t worry about the same problem again. You can also avert issues from getting worse if you inspect the sewer system. In that way, you can detect the problems in its earliest stage. You can inspect the system using CCTV pipe camera along with cleaning equipment such as the following:

  •    Water Jetter
  •    Chemical-based cleaners
  •    Plumbing snake
  •    Rodding tool

False flushable

What most homeowners believe is that any item that can fit in the drain or the in toilet can be flush down. They think that these items will reach the system without even endangering it. If you have been doing the same practice, it’s best to stop it immediately. Non-soluble items should be disposed in the garbage bin, not down the toilet or drain. The following listed below are the items that should never be flushed down as they can obstruct the passage of water and will create clog issues:

  •    FOG substances (fat, oil and grease)
  •    Hair
  •    Hygiene products
  •    Kitchen leftover