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3 Insulation Locations For Storage Tanks

Storage tanks come in different size, shapes and materials used to create it. Plastic or concrete, its purpose is the same. It ensures to provide water supply in the household.  On the other hand, storage tanks are not classified through the material being used. They are typically group depending on the tanks’ insulation locations. It could under or above the house.


Underground water tanks

Typically, these types of tanks are made of plastic or concrete. On the other hand, plastic tanks are the simplest tanks to install. However, there are various things necessary for the installation of concrete tanks. For instance, topping off and formwork. Plastic types can be used easily while concrete tanks work a bit slowly during the operation. However, experts confirmed that concrete tanks last long in contrast to plastic types. Lastly, the water tanks viability still depends on the budget and the size of the hole needed to place the tank.

Under the house water tanks

This is also known as bladder water tanks. Homeowners usually opt for this when they are trying to build a new house. Moreover, this is helpful for those households which have little space for large-sized amenities. These types of tanks have balloon within it. Lastly, the water tanks have check valve which will serve to ensure that the water flowing in the tank is controlled.

Above the ground water tanks

The biggest variety of water tanks is those found above the ground. It also has various sizes which can be suitable for different household situations. Listed below are the types of above ground tanks:

  •    Above ground small plastic water tanks- this type can store up to 2000 litres of hot water. This tank can be in difference sizes. It can be in a round, square or cylinder-shaped tanks. Moreover, the tank is designed for households with limited space. It is usually placed on a small stand. On the other hand, due to UV rays, this type will easily degrade. This could be the reason for the decrease of the tank’s efficiency as well as its lifespan. For this kind of situation, homeowners will paint the entire tank or hide the tank from the sun.


  •    Above ground metal tank- since the tank is made of metal, it could be damaged easily due to corrosive substances. Rusting could also dwindle the tank’s lifespan as well as harm the people’s health. However, since this issue is already anticipated, certain treatments are used to reduce the effects of corrosion. Typically, this kind of tank could store up to 1500 litres of water. Moreover, it is usually installed in frames and towers.
  •    Above ground concrete water tanks- the advantage of the concrete tank is it could store up to millions of litres. With this, it could supply the household with water for the entire year. Moreover, concrete tanks are insusceptible to corrosion and rust. However, cracks are common for this. Lastly, since the tank can no longer be move once it’s installed, make sure to create a plan on where to place it.