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3 Signs that your Sewer Pipeline needs to be changed

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Different types of pipes mean that each one has its own special characteristics and features. Some pipes are sturdier than other ones and thus, can last for a long time. However, any type of pipe will age and become brittle as time passes by: making important for homeowners to get their pipes inspected and replaced if necessary. Failing to do so will put not only your plumbing lines in trouble but the structure of your house as well. Here are some signs that your sewer pipeline needs to be changed as soon as possible.

  1. The sewer line gets always clogged

If you’re not careful with what you’re flushing down your drains, then you’ll definitely have some issues with your sewer line, especially with sewer pipe clogs. The common items that are the cause of build-up and blockage include grease, fats, oils, food residue, scum, and many more. A common way to get rid of these blockages is with the use of a strong water pressure coming from a hydro jet. This hydro jet equipment is capable to unleash 4,000 psi worth of water pressure into the pipes, cleaning out the inner lining of the pipe and also removing most obstructions. The water pressure is even capable of taking out small roots that have intruded the pipes. However, if you noticed that the sewer line still gets continually clogged even if it has already been cleaned thoroughly then it’s most likely that the pipes are damaged or too old to effectively become an outlet for your house.

  1. The pipes are extremely rusty and corroded

For metal pipes that are used in sewer lines, it’s inevitable that these materials will eventually corrode. To be fair, these kind of metallic sewer pipes are in fact one of the toughest pipe materials in the world today. Sadly, most of metal pipes out there won’t be able to reach its intended lifespan due to heavy corrosion. Most old houses that were built before the 1960s have metallic pipes in their plumbing system, which is why a lot of these households constantly have issues with corroded pipelines today. Get your pipes examined thoroughly if you reckon that the pipeline in your home has already been corroded. There are also cases in which the pipes are too rusty that its rusty interior break from the pipe and cause clogs.

  1. Pipes are too damaged that repairs won’t be enough

Pipe rehabilitation is such a popular method of repairing nowadays that it has become a staple in both pipe repair and even plumbing services. However, sometimes repairs are not enough for pipelines that are collapsed, problems with joint cracks, full-fledged root invasions, freezing damaged pipes, and so many more. In these cases the only way to make the sewer pipeline operational and free from problems is to replace some parts of the main pipeline or just replace everything. Fortunately, replacing pipes in this day and age are less damaging and expensive with the help of trenchless pipe replacement methods.