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4 Reasons to Choose Pipe Relining Over Pipe Replacement

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Some people argued about which one of the repair methods is better for their sewer pipes. They exchange some valid points over this issue but the wrong detail about that argument is that they don’t have personal experience with such methods. This is why we are giving you 4 reasons on why you should choose pipe relining over pipe replacement.

    1. Pipe relining barely requires digging.

The pipe replacement is a type of pipe repair method that requires deep excavations on the site. In this process, the ground that surrounds the pipeline is dug around so that the damage section of the line is exposed. Then, the damaged lining is removed and the new lining is installed. The whole method results in a messy outcome and it also damages properties such as driveways, streets, backyards, sidewalks, among others. In pipe relining, however, the digging part is only for when the sewer pipelines are severely damaged. The pipe relining method makes a new liner by means of epoxy resin that is fed into the pipe system through a manhole or an open site. This makes it in overall, a trenchless process.

    2. Pipe relining is both practical and affordable.

Since pipe replacement requires a whole lot of digging, the pipe relining is much more practical and affordable in contrast. This is because if you consider all the costs that the repairs you have to do like road reconstruction, landscape restoration, etc., you may go nuts due to all the bills you have to pay. In pipe relining, it uses materials for their new liner that can last up to 50 years, which in turn, gives you a delay for the need to repair your sewer lines and lessens your bills.

    3. Pipe relining doubles up protection of the sewer line.

Since most of the methods in pipe relining do not fully remove the old pipelines but only cures the damaged one in place, this gives the new liner double protection. The outer layer of the line, which is the host pipe, serves as the barrier and repels the tree roots from piercing the new liner. And since the new material does not contain any type of metal, this eliminates the possibility of corrosion on the new pipelines.

    4. Pipe relining process is faster compared to pipe replacement.

Pipe replacement takes up a lot of time to complete its process. This is because of all that digging and then there is the replacing of pipes and a little restoration touches to the damaged areas of the property. In pipe relining, the completion of the process could only be for a day or even for a few hours. Since pipe relining uses camera inspection, the damaged sections are easily identified. You only have to wait for the sewer lines to be cleared off and for the new pipes to be cured and then your sewer pipes are good to go. All smooth, eh?