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4 Reasons Why Homeowners Have Chosen Vitrified Clay Pipes

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Because of the innovations, the plumbing industry has improvised all the products and methods to make all the concerns and operation easier to repair. All of these products are now available in the market and are proven and tested to be effective. Furthermore, an important subject pertinent to our environment is the increasing amount of gas emissions. With regards to the environment and plumbing, some products are made to be environment-friendly in order to decrease the emission of gas. One of these products is the vitrified clay pipe used in the sewer system. Due to its great difference from other pipes, this pipe is utilised on a global scale not because it’s eco-friendly but due its sturdiness that is very reliable.

The following are the reasons why you need to opt for this type of pipe:

Dynamic flows

There are types of sewer system such as combined sewer that gets wastewater and rainwater. Moreover, in the course of dry weather, rainfall is rare and sewage are the only ones that exclusively flows through system which makes them unsuccessful in their self-cleaning operations. Due to this, there is a particular counter-measure that should be done. For example, pumping stations should be set up to driver wastewater that is placed in a low declivity. With this, it will increase the slope of the sewer pipe. On the other hand, if you opt for vitrified clay pipe, you don’t need to worry about the flow of wastewater. This pipe stands out due to its resistance to harmful substances. Most of the time, this is suitable for areas which experience long duration of dry weather.

Longer flow record

An inclination is present when moving straight to the treatment plant. This means that duration of the flow increases. The flow time is a part of the putrefaction process. Putrefaction is relevant since it helps in decreasing corrosion and its destructive effects. Experts say when sewage decomposes, there is a dangerous acid that is being released which will dwindle the acidity within the pipe. If you choose vitrified pipe, your pipes won’t experience the effects of corrosion.

Can survive heavy loads

Generally, sewer pipes are installed below the pathway of vehicles that carried heavy load mostly for infrastructure development activities. Due to the heavy load, the pipe underneath the ground should be sturdy enough to survive all the weights by the load. The suitable to be used is the vitrified because they are strong and can carry the amount of weight which makes them ideal pipes for roads.


Vitrified clay pipes can be recycled. This is the reason why there are considered environmental friendly sewer pipes. If the pipe is damaged and can no longer be used, it can still be transfigured and make them into products or building remains. In relation gas emission, this pipe adds to other environmental products that aids curtail gas emission of nitrogen oxides, Sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide which is considered to be an extremely environment pollutant.