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5 Effective Maintenance Tips for Your Drains


You have been asking yourself how not too frequently get your drains to clogging considering it as a typical problem homeowners face every now and then. There are preventative measures you can do to prevent your drains from blockages. Below are some of the steps you can take to improve your drain hygiene and avoid future clogs.

Consider the Items Thrown in the Drains

Always be aware of the things or products you put into your drains. Drains at home should only be used in flushing away cleaning solutions and dirt. Refrain from using the drains to flush cooking grease, foods or any other residue. Proper functioning of your drain will greatly be ensured if fewer substances will be placed on it. Never put anything substantial in size down the drain since a blockage will likely become imminent.

Clean the Drains

Keep your drains tidy and cleaned to see to it that large or heavy substances will not flow through the drains. Spills or accidents are the causes of blockages in some instances. This only suggests that you have to be more cautious and keep your drains clean.

Make a Quick Action to Clogs

Act as fast as possible when you are encountering any type of clogs in your drains. Damage will likely become worse over time if you just leave it or doing nothing to mitigate the clog. This requires help from a professional plumber near your location before extensive damage will disrupt your house or property and ruin your day. Be quick in dealing with your clogged drains since complete prevention is impossible at times.

Never Use Anti-Clogging Products

While many consider anti-clogging products available at different retail stores are the best approach in dealing with a clog, many also prove that this is not true. These products usually contain harsh and corrosive ingredients that can damage your pipes and drains at home. Using them without enough experience or proper knowledge is definitely not a good idea. Products with high acid content can sometimes cause deterioration to the pipes. They are not only harmful to your drains and pipes, but also for the people. It would be a smart idea to contact a skilled and trained plumber rather than attempting to use these products.

Make Sure You Don’t Strain Your Drain

Drains are specifically designed for a certain purpose and should be free from contamination and clogs. They have to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected on a regular basis for proper functioning. Every piece of scrap from items like food entering the drains is a potential organism food that you would want to keep out. In case you accidentally clogged your drain, it would be best to consider the following:

  • The types of drains you have in your household
  • The occurrence of the contamination
  • The necessary tools, training and techniques

As always been advised, prevention is better that fixture. Make an extra effort in maintaining the cleanliness of your drains so as to keep you away from any type of repair.