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5 Factors to Consider When Availing of Pipe Relining Services

pipe relining

Pipe relining is a pipe repair method that has been around for about three decades now. Despite that, it is just starting to get the attention that it deserves. Many homeowners feel that they have a very little option when it comes to pipe repair but they are wrong.

In the event of a sewer breakdown, for instance, there is always the repair cost and convenience that is being considered. If you are tired of the inconvenience and expenses due to pipe replacement, maybe it is the time that you consider pipe relining. Here is a checklist that you can use to decide whether this method is best for you:

  • Are the signs of broken or damaged pipe noticed? Do you hear a gurgling sound when flushing the toilet? Can you smell foul odor? Do you experience backflow? These are just three of the signs that you need to look out for to realize that your pipes could be broken. Cut on the cost and consider alternative methods for repairing your pipes.
  • Can you not give up on your trees or plants? It is common knowledge that tree roots can grow up to three times their height, searches for water sources and intrude pipes. This often causes the problem of sewage blockage but even so, giving up on your trees and plants is also not a sound idea. Now you can opt not to be in such dilemma because you can just reline and protect your pipes from root intrusion.
  • Do you want minimal disruption in your property? The inconvenience of digging around the house to replace the broken pipes is totally draining. The least you want to see is a hole in your floor due to this digging as well. Property disruption is not only a great inconvenience; it also can cost a lot of money.
  • Do you want to save money? Money is a huge factor that is considered by every single household owner. It is understandable that you would want to save money which you can only get if you sign up for methods that are new and efficient.
  • Do you want something new? New technologies help change the landscape of how things are usually done. Relying on old ways seems fine because these are already tried and tested but embracing change could prove to be the better choice. If you are looking for better technologies that will improve your pipe repair experience, opting for pipe replacement is a great choice.
  • Do you want longer pipe protection? Pipe relining is a new method that gives a great deal of pipe protection far longer than replacing it with new ones. The pipe liner serves as an extra layer that protects the pipes from root intrusion thus, the pipes remain in good condition for a longer time. Pipe replacement clients are also given at least 50 years of warranty which proves how reliable this technology is.

If you are tired of pipe replacement, embracing new methods and technologies is perfect. If you have answered “yes” to the statements above, then you are ready for pipe relining.