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5 Primary Benefits of Water Jetter

Plumberparramatta Water Jetter

There are indeed many ways to clean your sewer lines from the clingy debris, build-ups and as well as tree roots within the laterals because of root intrusion. You can use rodders, enzyme cleaners and chemical solutions. However, chemical solutions are never suggested by plumbing experts as they can only do harm to your system and to the environment.

Nowadays, experts present a new way of cleaning your drains with the use of a hydro jetter. This can effectively clean your sewer lines and get rid of any form of build-ups within it. But this does not only clean your sewer lines, it will repair your sewer laterals too by getting rid of the destructive tree roots caused by root intrusion. These roots might block your lines that are why the water jetter is very helpful in restoring your sewer lines that are obstructed by tree roots. Aside from that, let me present to you more benefits you could have and the advantages of using water jetters.


When doing sewer maintenance procedures, the worker’s health should be the priority. And when you use hydro jetters when maintaining and cleaning your sewer lines, this will avoid the workers from being directly involved in many health hazardous situations. Since hydro jetting does not involve any chemical solutions and hazardous components, there will be no possibilities of health threats. Aside from that, the workers and contractors won’t have to enter concrete pipes and sewer lines which prevent them from being directly exposed to the contaminants oftentimes found on the sewer lines.

Preventative maintenance

There might be no obstructions on your pipe yet, but if you don’t maintain this, you would experience this soon. In order to avert clogging and obstructions from happening, you would to water jet your pipes once in a while. This method perfectly removes any initiating build-up in your sewer lines which would then cause obstruction in the future. This method removes debris, roots and dust sticking to the interior walls of the pipe cleaning it like a brand new pipe.


Many homeowners, especially those that are concerned about nature, think that hydro jetting is just a waste of water which is the worst thing we do to our environment. But the reality is, hydro jetting uses only sheer water and nothing else. This does not involve any chemical solution that is the best cause of environmental destructions.


Hydro-jetters are very handy and versatile and it can be used to both residential and municipal sewer systems. But, plumbing companies do not use the same equipment that releases the same pressure. Some of these have a very high pressure that would probably cause further damage to your pipes such as breaking and cracks. That is why homeowners should ensure that they select the company that uses the equipment with a safe water pressure.


It has been proven that water jetting your pipes is the most effective way in cleaning your sewer lines. Snaking and rooting methods are said to be less effective. This is because water jetting does not only restore your pipes from clogs and obstructions, it will also clean the entire diameter to avoid future clog possibilities.