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Helpful Clues that Indicate Severely Damaged Sewer Pipes

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Most homeowners are negligent on the proper upkeep of their sewer systems, not until serious issues arise that will force them to do remedial actions. Of course, people are more inclined to maintain the visible plumbing fixtures such as the taps and sinks, since issues involving them are easily detected and observed. Meanwhile, sewer systems are located underground, and can only send alarming signals if they are already affected with severe problems.

Your household relies on the sewer system to manage and get rid of the wastes from your drains. If the sewer system tends to be dysfunctional or completely inoperative, it may be caused by impaired or broken sewer pipes. Read on to know more about the distinguishable clues that tell how your pipes could be degraded or severely damaged. This will allow you to counteract before the problem escalates to a large-scale detriment.

1. Clogged Drains and Sewer Backups

Some homeowners dismiss sewer line issues as drain pipe obstructions. This is because both conditions tend to display similar indications. The primary red flag that helps you diagnose the problem as a sewer line issue is when multiple household drains get clogged at the same time. Moreover, sewer backups are also chief indicators that warn you of seriously damaged or severely clogged sewer lines. Whenever there is a colossal obstruction that chokes your sewer pipe, it will force the wastewater back into the drain. Collapsed sewer lines are may also be possible.

If you suspect that your pipes are obstructed or collapsed, you need to consult professional plumbing services to inspect your sewer lines. They are equipped with CCTV cameras that will give you an accurate surveillance on the current condition of your sewer pipes within. It will also help the plumber determine the extent of the damage and advice you on what repair options are best for you.

2. Moisture and Mould Growth

Moisture and mould growth, either inside or outside your home, are positive indications that your sewer pipes may be broken or damaged. You see, there are areas in your home that are supposedly dry since there are no water-using domestic chores that take place in them, such as the living room and bedrooms. However, if you observe traces of dampness in these places, you need to be suspicious of leaks. Whether the leaks originate from the sewer line or water line, your must promptly seek assistance to address the problem.

Along with moisture, mould growth would sensibly develop. They make a perfect pair since moulds thrive well in wet areas. If you notice some moulds that breed in certain parts of your home, there is a strong possibility that the leak is located near that area.

There are also outdoor signs of water leaks that you should be wary of. One example would be drenched spots on the ground even if there was no rain for a certain period. These likely signal you of leaky underground pipes. Moreover, green patches in your yard that seem to be extra nourished and abnormally greener are also another signs. Remember that sewer pipes contain the soil, moisture, and nutrients that will invite tree and shrub roots to infiltrate and thrive in your sewer system. If these botanical parts succeeded in invading your sewer pipes, it would be the reason why your vegetation gained extra nourishment. Have your pipes assessed and repaired by professionals to avoid worse complications.

3. Sewer Stench and Pests

Your sense of smell will keenly detect the atrocious stench exhibited by sewer wastes, and the possible reason behind the lingering foul odour is if there is a substantial crack in your sewer pipes that bears out the sewage in it.

Additionally, the escalation of pest infestation such as rodents and cockroaches is another sign of an existing sewer leak. These pests thrive in dirty, damp areas and the cracks in your sewer pipes will surely provide a breeding ground for them.