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How to Maintain a Sewer Line

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Sewer line maintenance can help you avoid having some problems with your drain and sewer line. Regular maintenance would obviously include the regular cleaning of your sewer pipes. However, there are some ways in which you probably don’t know how to keep your sewer line function properly and even longer. These tips could help you save money. Here are some maintenance and preventive tips for your sewer lines.

Tree Roots.

Although the growth of tree roots is completely out of your control, you still got the mind and eye for some tree roots trying to enter your sewer lines. A problem like this can be determined once you notice some gurgling in your pipes. It means that something is blocking in your pipe and there could be some root intrusion. This issue can be prevented by planting trees that have a shallow root structure namely ash, willow, maple and oak trees.

If you are planning to grow trees, bushes and shrubs in your yard, make sure to plant them away from your sewer external line to prevent future problems. You would need to snake the pipes annually to block some intruding roots. Flush then use herbicidal foam treatment to avoid roots from growing back.


Plumbing line is where most grease and oil are often accumulated which could somehow cause blockage and can inhibit the sewer line’s capacity. Grease blockages can be avoided when you install a grease receptor below your sink. It is specifically designed to keep oil, fats and grease in the receptor and allow water to flow to the sewer line. However, the easiest and the best way to prevent grease stoppages is to simply not pour fatty substances in your sink.

Cleaning your drains regularly after washing would also help in maintaining your drains and sewer line. Pouring hot water in your sink regularly would also help minimise your problem about grease stoppages.

Large Pieces of Food.

Size would also matter when it comes to situations like this. It’s not just the accumulated oil can cause blockages but large pieces of food also has the potential to block your drain and sewer lines. Grind or cut food particles into small pieces before throwing it down in your sinks then follow it up with water. Throwing these large pieces of food in the garbage disposal is also a better option. Occasionally pour hot water in your sink to help flush some debris in your pipes.

Pipe Relining.

Pipe relining is known as a pipe repair but this could also be a sewer line maintenance. This process can do a permanent fix to your pipes in which it can still function properly although the pipes are already damaged. Materials used in this process are high-quality materials which make the sewer line stay functional.

Collapsed Sewer Line.

There are a variety of reasons on why a sewer line collapses. A damaged sewer line could possibly occur because of the movement or shaking of the earth’s ground or earthquake, floods, etc. It is a natural disaster which you can never control. However, you got controls in preventing possible damages that it can cause to your sewer lines. Inspect your pipes periodically for some damages so it won’t result in severe damages when these disasters arrive. If pipes collapse after the disaster, have it checked and repaired immediately by a professional plumber to avoid severe damages in your pipes and pockets.