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How to Prevent Sewer Pipe Damage From Roots

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Sewer pipes can crumble and get damaged due to age or corrosion. Another reason why pipes get cracks is due to root invasions. A root invasion occurs when a pipe has an opening which allows plant roots to enter the sewer system. At this point, the damage is still minimal; however, the root will cause more destruction to the pipes as it grows. Sometimes the roots will create irreversible damage to the pipeline — forcing the homeowner to replace the pipes. Save yourself from the hassle and expenses in restoring sewer pipes. Learn how to prevent sewer pipe damage from roots with these tips.     


  1.  Only plant small trees or vegetation that create small roots

Small vegetation is less likely to cause damage to your sewer pipes. Large trees or shrubs have roots that can dig deep underground. Most hefty plant species have enormous and intrusive roots that puncture the sewer pipe. The best way to avoid a root intrusion is to plant ‘sewer-safe’ species.

  1. Keep plants far from the pipes

Another way to prevent pipe damage from plant roots is to place the plants far from the sewer line. This is an easy but effective way to protect your sewer pipes from any roots. The roots won’t be able to reach your sewer line unless it’s a gigantic plant. Of course you need to be knowledgeable where your pipes are located. It’s impractical to dig random areas on your lawn to find the pipes. An easy and better way is to hire plumbing services. These professionals can locate the pipes for you quickly. You need to keep in mind that small vegetation can also cause damage to your pipes — so be sure to keep them away.

  1. Pipe inspection

The damage caused by roots doesn’t show any signs in its early stages. The reason is that the roots aren’t fully grown. Small roots don’t cause any essential damage to the pipe lining yet. The roots will just keep on growing until it has cracked a large portion of the sewer line. You will only notice the clogs caused by the roots when the roots have matured. By this time, the roots have already blocked a major part of the sewer pipes.

A pipe inspection can help detect early problems of the sewer pipe. It’s better to find the roots early so that it won’t progress and cause expensive damage to the pipe lining. Plumbers will be able to get a clear view of the pipes through the use of a CCTV camera. Homeowners can actually inspect the pipes on their own since they can just rent a camera.

  1. Make a barrier surrounding the sewer pipes

You can also create a barrier below the ground to protect the pipes. We suggest using wood or metal as the materials for your barrier since it’s sturdy and easy to place. You should also add herbicides on the barriers to halt any roots from going through the pipes. Take note that the herbicides should be specially concocted for killing roots.